How We Help

At Lupin Planning Group, our thorough onboarding process ensures that we understand your goals and get a true sense of your current financial situation. Our use of technology allows us to easily work with you in person or remotely. Our best-in-class strategic partnerships, provide our clients with customized planning solutions. Throughout the process, our team of dedicated professionals provide relevant, proactive, and timely advice and support.

Regardless of where you are in your financial journey, we will help you confidently take the next steps forward.


Investment planning is a broad and multi-faceted topic. As such, it can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Like all areas of financial planning, the concept needs context to be meaningful.


A comprehensive financial plan not only identifies your goals and opportunities, but it also addresses your risks. Managing risk is best achieved with comprehensive insurance planning.

Group Benefits

At Lupin Planning Group we believe in empowering individuals and organizations to achieve financial well-being through comprehensive group benefits and informative seminars.

Strategic Partners

Our dedication to comprehensive financial planning is reflected in our engagement with several strategic partners. Leveraging our collective wisdom allows us to provide our clients with specialized advice and a tailored and expanded selection of financial solutions.

“When you have fear and shame about your finances it makes it hard to be vulnerable. I just want to say thank you so much, Jackie, for all these years. Until I talked to you today, I don’t think I fully realized how much I have grown when it comes to my financial mental health. Not many people have seen where I really was – but you did. To have you notice and call out the growth made it feel so much more real for me. I am truly grateful for who you are. You gave me space to be vulnerable when we first began this journey and you have been rooting for me throughout the challenges along the way. It means so much.”